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Friday Morning Metal – Satan – Time to Die

I keep learning about NWOBHM bands that are still plugging away. This time it’s Satan, who got their start in 1979 and went by a few different names over the years, including Blind Fury, The Kindred, and Pariah. I enjoy they named their band after a movie with Rutger Hauer playing a blind sword fighter badass. And I feel like they probably didn’t blow up in the US because of their name. Which is a shame, these guys wail.

Anyway, they have a new album, Life Sentence, and it has the fast drums, guitarmonies, and kickass vocals you’ve come to expect from NWOBHM.

Here’s the lead track, Time To Die. The guitar work on the intro is terrific. Terrific.

Friday Morning Metal – Judas Priest – Breakin the Law

I’m really digging deep for this one. And why not, this is the 100th post. Judas Priest’s Breakin the Law is a masterpiece of the new wave of British heavy metal and a fantastic song if you’re learning guitar. That solo is pretty tricky, however.

The song is such an anthem that the last time I saw Judas Priest perform the song, Halford didn’t even sing. He just held the mic over the crowd and had all of us do it for him. It was pretty amazing, those screaming metal heads sounded kind of in tune.

As for the video, I didn’t know you could rob a bank with metal back in the early 80’s, but there you go.

Oh and here’s Beavis & Butthead doing it too:

Friday Morning Metal – Angel Witch – Angel Witch (Angel Witch)

Few bands can have a self-titled album that also includes a title track named after the band. Iron Maiden did it, Motörhead did it, and Angel Witch did it. If Riot went by Narita to begin with, they could also join the annals of rock history. Or something. Anyway, Angel Witch is the best song in which a band repeats Angel Witch like 28 times. I think that’s what the count was at.

This is the best video/audio combo I could find. The full song has a few more utterances of Angel Witch.