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Friday Morning Metal – Demolition Hammer – Infectious Hospital Waste

Yay old school thrash from NYC! Demolition Hammer got their start in 1986, and Infectious Hospital Waste sounds part and parcel of the mid-80s thrash boom.

The song comes swinging out of the gate, with frenetic drums and great chuggy guitars. The solo at the halfway point is properly noodly and closes with an uptick in tempo that would make for a great pit atmosphere, if you’re into that. I’d rather stand in the back far away from it, lost a pair of horn rims getting too close and I don’t want to lose another.

The closing solo is pretty great, adding a second solo increases a song’s awesomeness by 45%. I read that in Heavy Metal Quarterly.

Anyway, go put on your denim vest, fingerless gloves, and enjoy some thrash!

Friday Morning Metal – Dust Bolt – Soul Erazor

THRASH! Angry Metal Guy doesn’t seem to enjoy all the thrash, or one reviewer does and the other doesn’t. But Dust Bolt’s Soul Erazor is fantastic thrash that reminds me to find my denim vest and camouflage cargo shorts. The guitar work has all the noodly and chuggy and thrashy goodness that is part of a daily breakfast, and the dueling harmony guitar solo toward the end just screams 1987.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it, check it out!

Friday Morning Metal – Speedwolf – Speedwolf

I do enjoy bands what name songs after themselves. More so if the album is also named after the band (see also: Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Angel Witch). Speedwolf are a speed/thrash band from the Colorado area, sounding like that great overlap between punk and metal that’s full of chunky riffs, stripped down vocals, and enough double kick to restart a heart.

Anyway, here’s them performing their self-titled song live in Denver.

Here’s the album version if you’d like something a little different.

Friday Morning Metal – Suicidal Angels – Bloodbath

I’ve been on a thrash metal kick for a few days after being recommended Suicidal Angels. So iPod’s loaded up with them and some Slayer, and now I feel like demolishing a house when I should be writing about stuff at work. According to the Wikipedia, Suicidal Angels are a Greek thrash metal band, continuing to reinforce that you have to look outside of the US to find good current metal.

Anyway, here’s their official video for Bloodbath, with probably the most metal intro of metal. I love me some metal intros, especially when it takes a full minute of shredding before the vocals kick in.

Friday Morning Metal – HAVOK – D.O.A.

I just started listening to HAVOK a few days ago and really dig on their sound. It’s hard to find good thrash nowadays, so it was a pleasant surprise when I heard Time Is Up for the first time. And I’m pretty sure when my coworker gets back from vacation, she’s going to be annoyed by my incessant foot tapping.

Here’s D.O.A.