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Friday Morning Metal – Hansen & Friends – Born Free

Old dudes still shred! This time it’s Kai Hansen, the founder of Gamma Ray, and then also played in Helloween, Iron Savior, and Unisonic. The song is a bit like Halford’s Resurrection & Made in Hell, where it’s a bit autobiographical about Hansen growing up and turning into a big ol metal grandspas.

You know you’re in for a good time when the song does that slow crescendo into MEGA SHRED MODE. And then a similar vocal crescendo. It’s just balls out for the next 4 minutes after that. Hansen’s got some pipes for being 61, there is a bit of autotune in a couple parts, but I think that’s more thematic than him missing a mark, so that’s cool too.

This is a pretty fun song, it’s also cool to know there is just so much metal out there that I did not know about this album that came out in 2016 until now. Thank you to Bjørn for recommending I listen to it, it’s fun.

The video’s mostly a studio session, but you can see a bit of the prep which is neat. Also the band all seem to be having a kickass time. They even do the Judas Priest™ synchronized guitar points!

So enjoy some more metal!