Friday Morning Metal – Rock For Children – Pleasant Dreams (Featuring Halford)

ROCK FOR CHILDREN! Start them early! And if you’re worried about your kids getting nightmares after hearing Fear of the Dark, apparently there’s Rock For Children.

I bet they didn’t want to call it Rock for Kids because they didn’t want to draw any association with Kid Rock.

Apparently this is an album that’s going to support a bunch of children’s non-profits, like St. Jude’s & stuff, or the non-profit is called Rock for Children. And also apparently Alice Cooper did a rewrite of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” to be “Now I’m Mr. Nice Guy” because he can’t be mean all the time.

I’m not sure if this song is also a rewrite, but it’s peppy, and Halford’s pipes are strong as ever. Also I think there are little kids doing backing vocals on the choruses. The heavy metal cat on the cover looks great. Though I do hope they do a video for this just for grins.

So enjoy!

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