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Friday Morning Metal – Rock For Children – Pleasant Dreams (Featuring Halford)

ROCK FOR CHILDREN! Start them early! And if you’re worried about your kids getting nightmares after hearing Fear of the Dark, apparently there’s Rock For Children.

I bet they didn’t want to call it Rock for Kids because they didn’t want to draw any association with Kid Rock.

Apparently this is an album that’s going to support a bunch of children’s non-profits, like St. Jude’s & stuff, or the non-profit is called Rock for Children. And also apparently Alice Cooper did a rewrite of “No More Mr. Nice Guy” to be “Now I’m Mr. Nice Guy” because he can’t be mean all the time.

I’m not sure if this song is also a rewrite, but it’s peppy, and Halford’s pipes are strong as ever. Also I think there are little kids doing backing vocals on the choruses. The heavy metal cat on the cover looks great. Though I do hope they do a video for this just for grins.

So enjoy!

Friday Morning Metal – Judas Priest – Lightning Strike

NEW JUDAS PRIEST! They’ve got an album coming out soon, Firepower, and this is the first single released. It’s called Lightning Strike, and while it’s similar to Priest’s more recent fare, it’s a solid rollicking metal anthem ready for arenas across this great earth.

At first blush, it almost sounds like a song that could’ve been on Halford’s solo projects. The main riff sounds chuggy and great, and the drums have a steady groove, and it’d fit perfectly between Cyber World and Locked and Loaded. Halford’s scream is not quite what it used to be, but he’s putting together a body of work that far surpasses most vocalists, and being able to pivot like he has keeps him from sounding like Brian Johnson. The guitar solo is a soaring achievement, noodly and guitarmonized and totally awesome.

Clocking in at three and a half minutes long, it’s the perfect length to feature everything that makes Judas Priest awesome: driving drums, steady riffs, and a metal god at the helm. I’m looking forward to Smarch when the whole album comes out!