Friday Morning Metal – Darkthrone – Black Dawn Affiliation

MORE DARKTHRONE! YES! I readily admit I’m not the biggest black/death metal fan. Generally it’s the vocals. And Darkthrone’s been doing this for years. But years back I heard the Underground Resistance and got hooked on their particular style of metal. Especially Leave No Cross Unturned, and it’s nearly 14 minutes of shreddy magic.

So now that Bjørn Spotify wanted to let me know of a new Darkthrone song coming off an upcoming album, I wanted to share.

It’s a great 6 minutes of chuggy guitars and foreboding vocals. Maybe I dig it because the vocal styles aren’t as screamy or something. Also they switch to big bombastic vocals for “BLACK DAWWWN AFFILIATION” at the end.

The video itself is apparently all new but looks like it was pulled from a 1972 space epic or something. Or like one of those movies your high school science teacher puts on because they have a hangover, and learning about Uranus without giggling is important.

Oh and because it’s fun to share, here’s Leave No Cross Unturned. It’s a banger of a song and a killer deal on most jukeboxes.

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