Friday Morning Metal – Ian Highhill – When Hell Comes to Town

Straight out of Finland comes today’s song, When Hell Comes to Town. It’s by a dude named Ian Highhill, who was previously in a band called Olympus Mons. I remember my high school health teacher claimed she couldn’t get got by her students. So one of her students dared her to wear a sweatshirt with “Ski Mons Veneris” on it. She only did it if the kid also did, so he did. Which turned into the kid’s crush asking what “Mons Veneris” on his sweatshirt was and the kid getting really embarrassed because he didn’t want to say it’s “a rounded mass of fatty tissue found over the pubic symphysis of the pubic bones.” So he just said it’s somewhere in Italy.

Anyway, this a good straight down the fairway heavy metal/hard rock track. The vocals fit in pretty well, but nothing super duper stands out. Though the chorus would be pretty rad for a wrestler intro, or a movie where the bad guys are demons or something.

There is a pretty kickass solo about halfway through the track, but there were a few parts in the song itself where some of that noodliness could’ve added some flair, especially between lines and stuff. It happens a bit near the key change at the end, but could’ve been fun earlier.

Regardless, this seems like a good song to add to a “cleaning up the trans am” playlist. So enjoy!

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