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Friday Morning Metal – Tyr – Axes

Týr, those mighty folk metal masters of the Faroe Islands have a new song and new video out! According to Heri Joensen, “It’s a short face-melting metal song based on a single melodic idea.”

If I’m to understand the video, the dude with the axe got kicked out of his metal band by way of them ripping his black shirt off. So he decided to get vengeance on them for ruining his favorite shirt. With an axe. I’ll need to listen to the lyrics more carefully to know if that’s the case.

The song has some real balls out drumming, with melodic guitars and vocals kind of floating above it. And when the solo finally kicks in, it’s time for the final battle. Lotta hugging in that fight. But the axe man gets vengeance!

Anyway, this song shreds and is 100% Týr. So if you dig viking folk metal, you’re going to have a blast.

Friday Morning Metal – Tyr – Fire and Flame

Well this is a cool ass Tyr song. Those Faroese know how to shred, and Fire and Flame is a great example of it. Heri Joensen’s vocals are a great combo of growly and harmonic, while the guitars alternate between chuggy and noodly.

The guitar solo really soars, with the right amount of noodle while sticking to the major phrases of the song. Oh also in the video you get to see a lot of shirtless Tyr dudes and fire. So that’s a thing that exists.

Anyway, Tyr rules so listen to the song!

Friday Morning Metal – BIRD METAL!

Hey I am a Seahawks fan, and the Super Bowl is Sunday, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t find as much bird-related metal to share today. And there’s a whole band called Falconer so I’m pretty set. With crazy ass double kick, awesome guitars, and a legitimate opera singer, Falconer is a standard-bearer for epic power metal.

Spirit of the (Sea)Hawk: I think the last time I listened to this while biking, I went ludicrous speed. Or everything just turned plaid around me.

Wings of Serenity: Yet another song that got me cycling faster than I thought possible.

Where Eagles Dare: Here’s a Tyr cover of Iron Maiden’s Where Eagles Dare, because Tyr is a phenomenal battle metal band, and they make this song sound as big as Iron Maiden intended.

The Flight of Icarus: And Iron Maiden’s Flight of Icarus, because I flew too close to the sun, on wings of pastrami. Also it’s great to see that Bruce Dickinson had bangs. Kickin bangs.

Friday Morning Metal – Tyr Covers

Tyr’s new album, Valkyrja, is pretty awesome. I listened to some of their other stuff for a while, but I never really latched on for dear life. But with Valkyrja, they put together a big sound with great guitars and vocal harmonies. Oh and they did two balls out awesome covers, of Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates” and Iron Maiden’s “Where Eagles Dare.” Both stay true to the originals, while providing enough room to show off Tyr’s chops.

Here’s Cemetery Gates. I know Pantera is a big pile of influential on stoner metal or groove metal or whatever, but I really prefer Tyr’s vocals to Phil’s.

Where Eagles Dare, featuring clips from Where Eagles Dare, the movie!

Friday Morning Metal – Tyr – Hold the Heathen Hammer High

My buddy Pat is big into folk power metal. Big vocal harmonies, really clean vocals, and songs about wizards & pagans. The main one we used to rock out to on drives to Taco Bell was Falconer, with their classically trained singer. And the Lord of the Blacksmiths made shields and other things. Great stuff.

Anyway, Tyr is another band he got me listening to, and I think the best way I can describe it is Viking power metal. This is their video for “Hold the Heathen Hammer High,” where they Viking the hell out.