Friday Morning Metal – Tyr – Axes

Týr, those mighty folk metal masters of the Faroe Islands have a new song and new video out! According to Heri Joensen, “It’s a short face-melting metal song based on a single melodic idea.”

If I’m to understand the video, the dude with the axe got kicked out of his metal band by way of them ripping his black shirt off. So he decided to get vengeance on them for ruining his favorite shirt. With an axe. I’ll need to listen to the lyrics more carefully to know if that’s the case.

The song has some real balls out drumming, with melodic guitars and vocals kind of floating above it. And when the solo finally kicks in, it’s time for the final battle. Lotta hugging in that fight. But the axe man gets vengeance!

Anyway, this song shreds and is 100% Týr. So if you dig viking folk metal, you’re going to have a blast.

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