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Friday Morning Metal – Municipal Waste – Tango & Thrash

Today’s metal is a whole EP from Municipal Waste, because it’s still shorter than most Dream Theatre songs. Sounds like it’s a rerelease of an EP recorded in 2002 plus some additional songs.

Having an album dedicated to a single actor is pretty good. Doubly so for Kurt Russell and his magnificent mane. Most of the songs are shorter than a minute, but are shreddy and fast and fun. Also Tango & Thrash would be a good band name, especially for a two-person act. Or the weirdest dancing competition.

Anyway, enjoy some Municipal Waste!

Friday Morning Metal – Hazzerd – Waking Nightmare

More thrash! More fellas who look and sound like they time traveled from 1985, ready to shred! Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Hazzerd’s a great throwback shredfest of thrash metal. Also whenever I read any city, province, country combo for anywhere in Canada, in my mind I hear it in Lili├ín Garcia’s voice.

The song starts off slow and melodic, transitions to a peppier chug, before going balls out for the remaining four minutes or so. It’s like warming up for a sprint or something. The noodly guitar melody is pretty great, a little classical, a lot of fun. You also don’t often see the drummer singing, so that’s pretty great, and the vocals are a great fit for the genre.

The video is a solid combo of “band in a tiny room full of stacks” and “dude going insane.” It was a little weird seeing the guitarists standing so close to the drummer, and then standing real still for the intro, but once it kicked in they were moving a bit more. Felt like they were sidling. Sidling’s unnerving. Don’t sidle.

Friday Morning Metal – Slayer – Repentless

Slayer’s got a new album coming out, Repentless, and they’ve released a track to get people excited. That track is also titled Repentless.

This is some straight up Slayer. The drums are crazy fast, as per usual, and the band sounds tight as hell. There’s even a kickass guitar solo up in there. I love me some kickass guitar solos.

If the whole album matches this level of metal, I am there on day one.

Friday Morning Metal – The Haunted – Cutting Teeth

THRASH! The Haunted kick you right in the balls and leave their foot there with Cutting Teeth, off their new album Exit Wounds. I’m not the biggest fan of the vocals, but there is a visceral quality that really adds to the sound. The guitars and drums are relentless, keeping a frenetic pace through the song that can make even the stodgiest metal fan want to get in a circle pit.