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Friday Morning Metal – Municipal Waste – Tango & Thrash

Today’s metal is a whole EP from Municipal Waste, because it’s still shorter than most Dream Theatre songs. Sounds like it’s a rerelease of an EP recorded in 2002 plus some additional songs.

Having an album dedicated to a single actor is pretty good. Doubly so for Kurt Russell and his magnificent mane. Most of the songs are shorter than a minute, but are shreddy and fast and fun. Also Tango & Thrash would be a good band name, especially for a two-person act. Or the weirdest dancing competition.

Anyway, enjoy some Municipal Waste!

Friday Morning Metal – Municipal Waste – Born to Party

Came across an article the other day about Party Metal; that fantastic combination of big bombastic songs about drinking and throwing up and partying and having a great time. Obviously, they lead with Andrew W.K., the world’s foremost authority on all things party, but they did toss a few other songs in there for good measure. Municipal Waste’s “Born to Party” is a great thrash song about getting to a party and getting wrecked, and the intro sounds like Metallica’s Hit the Lights.

The rest of the article is a little weird, they reference Dropkick Murphys as party metal, when everyone I know refers to them as punk. And then there’s a kickass song from a band called Diarrhea Planet, “Ghost with a Boner,” that sounds more early 90’s alt rock than metal. But they’re great songs in their own right. I guess when I think party metal I’m thinking Turisas’ “Rasputin,” Korpliklaani’s “Bring Us Pints of Beer” or “Vodka.” Those songs don’t necessarily translate to songs to hear AT a party, they just happen to be songs ABOUT partying.

Hell, somehow Alestorm’s Scottish Pirate Power Metal has enough songs about getting crazy and wanting wenches and mead that they, too, could be considered party metal. I think I have a response article to this brewing.

Anyway, here’s the song!