Friday Morning Metal – Hazzerd – Waking Nightmare

More thrash! More fellas who look and sound like they time traveled from 1985, ready to shred! Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Hazzerd’s a great throwback shredfest of thrash metal. Also whenever I read any city, province, country combo for anywhere in Canada, in my mind I hear it in Lilián Garcia’s voice.

The song starts off slow and melodic, transitions to a peppier chug, before going balls out for the remaining four minutes or so. It’s like warming up for a sprint or something. The noodly guitar melody is pretty great, a little classical, a lot of fun. You also don’t often see the drummer singing, so that’s pretty great, and the vocals are a great fit for the genre.

The video is a solid combo of “band in a tiny room full of stacks” and “dude going insane.” It was a little weird seeing the guitarists standing so close to the drummer, and then standing real still for the intro, but once it kicked in they were moving a bit more. Felt like they were sidling. Sidling’s unnerving. Don’t sidle.

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