Friday Morning Metal – Thornbridge – Daydream Illusion

Oooh German Power Metal from a band what looks like Steampunk carnival operators! Angry Metal Guy did a review on Thornbridge’s upcoming album Daydream Illusion and so now you can listen to this pretty fun song.

The song is chock full of vocal harmonies, driving drums, and chugga guitars. I dig that it sounds like either lead or rhythm is playing clean guitars over the chugga of the other guitarist. The chanty breakdown before the coda is pretty great. Makes me want to march into battle with my carnival brethren.

It’s a little on the nose to have a song where they sing about a carousel in front of a carousel, but it also adds some interesting lighting contrast. Coming in just shy of four minutes, the song doesn’t waste your time, which I appreciate. Seven minutes songs can be fun, but sometimes it’s just a bit much.

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