Friday Morning Metal – Ripé – Péter La Loi

Well now I know how I’ll learn French, by listening to French covers of metal classics. This time it’s the band Ripé covering Judas Priest’s Breakin the Law. Or, Péter La Loi. So now I know how to say that!

There isn’t a whole ton about the band on the internet, and there’s some fun disambiguation between them and a band called Ripe that is very much not them. But according to Bjørn, the band hails from Montreal and has a couple albums from around 2012. Their other songs are kinda AC/DC-esque, and pretty solid.

It’s a straightforward cover, which is important when learning a new language. Also I don’t know why anyone would want to take liberties with such a classic. It’d be like turning the Star Spangled Banner into elevator music or something. Don’t do it.

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