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Friday Morning Metal – Insanity Alert – Moshemian Thrashody

Who knew an Austrian thrash parody of Bohemian Rhapsody would shred this hard and be so goofy. I had not heard of these guys until a few weeks ago when Bjørn thought I should listen to another song of theirs, “Beerless Fiesta.” Which has a very familiar sax line in it.

The plinky plunky intro is pretty clever before kicking into balls out 110% thrash power. They manage to keep all the themes to the song intact, but true to thrash form they shrink a 6-minute song to a speedy 3:43. And I don’t think they cut anything out? They probably did. Don’t hold me to that.

The video itself is an awesome double homage to Queen and Wayne’s World. Kinda hoping I can get one of those “Insane’s World” t-shirts.

So enjoy this very very fast very very fun song!