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Friday Morning Metal – Ektomorf – You Can’t Control Me

This is some pretty aggro metal coming straight out of Hungary. I had not heard of Ektomorf until Bjørn Sportify decided I should discover it this week. And so far they’re pretty fun. Kind of reminds me of mid-to-late 90s Sepultura-esque metal. Super drivey drums, mega chuggy guitar, the works!

Also the song’s two and a half minutes long. They got their point across, that I can’t control him, so why belabor the point. The music video is pretty fun, with them out in a field in front of a military helicopter.

Checking out some of their newer stuff it sounds like they’re staying in the groove. I think if they came out like ten years earlier they would’ve toured the US with like System of a Down or Rammstein or something.