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Friday Morning Metal – Demolition Hammer – Infectious Hospital Waste

Yay old school thrash from NYC! Demolition Hammer got their start in 1986, and Infectious Hospital Waste sounds part and parcel of the mid-80s thrash boom.

The song comes swinging out of the gate, with frenetic drums and great chuggy guitars. The solo at the halfway point is properly noodly and closes with an uptick in tempo that would make for a great pit atmosphere, if you’re into that. I’d rather stand in the back far away from it, lost a pair of horn rims getting too close and I don’t want to lose another.

The closing solo is pretty great, adding a second solo increases a song’s awesomeness by 45%. I read that in Heavy Metal Quarterly.

Anyway, go put on your denim vest, fingerless gloves, and enjoy some thrash!