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Friday Morning Metal – Riot – Thundersteel

Yet another shredder recommended by Bjørn Spotify, Thundersteel by Riot. I first heard these guys WAY back when Brütal Legend came out and Road Racin’ was on the soundtrack. Ripping around the countryside while that song blasts is fun. And Thundersteel keeps up the full throttle balls out metal sound that is so very 1988.

The song starts out with a killer guitar intro, then pummels you with wild double kick drums. The vocals take a little getting used to, but after the first couple verses it fits in real well. Kinda Joey Belladonna adjace? I don’t know, but it’s fun.

There’s like three separate solos about halfway through. Stacking solos like that adds a multiplier effect, and I think increases critical hit rate. All in all it’s pretty fun song. It does sound a bit older than 1988, but it shreds.

Friday Morning Metal – Riot – Road Racin

Video games compel me to listen to more music. This time it was Brütal Legend, a combo adventure/rpg/tower defense/metal game involving Jack Black as a roadie who gets teleported to way back in time, like before 1972. The soundtrack for the game was amazing, including a lot of bands I hadn’t heard of before, like Brocas Helm and Riot. It is a bummer that Riot had to change their name after Quiet Riot blew up, because honestly the original Riot tears it up.

Here’s Road Racin, set over a pretty decent video made by a fan.