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Friday Morning Metal – Myrath – Into the Light

Ooooooh Tunisian power metal! I’m pretty sure only two people read these anymore, and one of you prefers power/melodic/grandiose metal over thrash so hopefully this is right up your alley.

Myrath is straight out of Tunisia, and got started in 2007. Wikipedia says they started in 2001 as X-Tazy, but that band name sounds like a boy band.

The video is a live performance, and I hope they play the west coast soon because the stage is beautiful, there are dudes with fire, and there’s a magic floating table! A triumphant magic floating table!

The singer gives off some solid Steve Perry vibes, and he fits in with the total vibe really well. He also does some fun mic flipping, can’t pass that up. The band is really tight, and the song is bombastic and magic. Were I a pro wrestler, I’d want to come out to this song. Enjoy!

Friday Morning Metal – Orden Ogan – The Things We Believe In

Orden Ogan hails from Germany, pumping out proggy power metal with kickass vocal harmonizing and big guitar solos. Their new album “To the End” came out last week, and it’s been pretty great to listen to. I haven’t heard too many metal bands that incorporate flute, violin, and multiple vocal parts while still sounding like great power metal. Usually they tend to go for the bombast and sound a bit more operatic, and I start to tune out. Orden Ogan does a fantastic job to layer these musical parts on a strong metal base, keeping me interested.

Here’s the video for “The Things We Believe In.” It has a great, big sound, like a great battle cry. Or montage while the rag tag group of soldiers prep for the onslaught of the horde or something.