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Friday Morning Metal – Pretty Maids – Back to Back

I had heard a Hammerfall cover of this song and it was pretty great, enough to Friday Morning Metal it. But Youtube let me know it’s a cover, and the cover’s not too shabby either! Pretty Maids hail from Horsens, Denmark, shredding faces and melting guitars since 1981. The song is pretty fast, and the shreddy guitars are great. There’s even a pretty killer breakdown halfway through, perfect for clapping and whatnot. Then noodly guitar solos! THEN DUAL GUITAR SOLO! EVEN BETTER! They’re still making music, with an album out as recent as 2016. It’s a bit more… uh… power metally now. Less growly vocals. It’s alright, but definitely not like Back to Back. So if you want to shred a bit and feel old school, give this a shot.