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Friday Morning Metal – Powerwolf – Bark at the Moon

The werewolves of Armenia are back at it, this time with a cover of Bark at the Moon, which is pretty fitting for their vibe. Honestly, it’s a wonder they hadn’t covered it sooner. Or they did and I forgot. Regardless, they’ve got a lyric video for the song!

Powerwolf has filled the niche of kinda goofy themed power metal for so long, with songs like Resurrection by Erection and Vampires Don’t Die (whoah oh oh oh), and it’s fun to hear them take a classic metal banger and put their spin on it.

While they stay pretty close to the original material, the band is tight enough to add some zazz when needed. Attila Dorn’s vocals give the song a bit more operatic vibe compared to Ozzy, and when coupled with the organ-sounding keyboards, it really ties the whole thing together.

So check it out, and then listen to more Powerwolf, because they’re fun times.

Friday Morning Metal – Powerwolf – Blessed & Possessed

There’s a new Powerwolf album coming out! And one of the limited edition versions comes with a MASSIVE CHALICE. I don’t know how massive it is, but I hope it’s quite epic. The album’s out July 10th, so that’ll be a great day.

Someone leaked a single off the album onto the YouTube and it had the booming drums and powerful vocals you’d expect from a Powerwolf track. A buddy of mine said he had it on loop at work and we worried he was declaring variables like “var doWampiresDie = false;”.

This is the teaser for it which apparently doesn’t contain music from the album. I don’t know why they wouldn’t just toss a track out to get us excited.

Ooh I found an interview that has bits of the song in it. This is definitely a “set a PR on a jog” type song: