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Friday Morning Metal – Alestorm ft Patty Gurdy – Voyage of the Dead Marauder

More Alestorm! Now with a hurdy gurdy played by none other than Patty Gurdy. They say, way back in time immemorial, one’s last name was often their job. So it works out pretty well that Patty Gurdy plays a hurdy gurdy. Also it’s notable there aren’t people with family names like HedgeFund or PrivateEquity. Go figure.

The song follows pretty similar themes to all their other songs, pirates do some stuff, there might be a curse? Oh also a cat turns into a skeleton and Patty Gurdy has hand fire magic or something. I will have to listen to it fifteen more times to pick up on the lyrics, but I think Bowes sings about luring people to the horizon with piracy.

The triple vocal combo of Bowes, Patty Gurdy, and Elliot Vernon singing distinct parts in their styles is fun. They don’t really overlay but are great for adding a variety of flavor. Bobo’s solo shreds mightily, and transitions into a killer drum beat that I think is also used in… The Battle of Cape Feare River intro.

KEY CHANGE! You know it’s an Alestorm song if there’s a key change coda at the end. Otherwise it’s just sparkling pirate metal.

Friday Morning Metal – Swashbuckle – Cruise Ship Terror

PARTY BOAT PARTY BOAT. I didn’t start listening to Swashbuckle until I heard Alestorm’s song making fun of them. But they’re a good thrash pirate band. The vocals aren’t too growly to take me out of the song, and the songs are just fun. They’re also bringing scurvy back. And did a cover of the SpongeBob theme.

And sometimes you just have to yell Yo Ho a lot.

Friday Morning Metal – Alestorm – You Are A Pirate

I totally missed last week’s Friday morning metal. So I’ll add that later. In the meantime, here is probably the best mashup of Alestorm’s cover of Lazy Town’s “You Are a Pirate,” put back over the original video. Because being a pirate is alright with me.

Alestorm – Shipwrecked

Alestorm, those masters of the genre known as Scottish pirate metal, have a new album coming out, titled Back Through Time. They also just released one of the tracks, Shipwrecked:
Shipwrecked by Alestorm
These guys shred and if this track is any indicator, the album is going to be just as amazing as their others. Apparently they got actual brass and strings to fill out the parts that were usually played by keytar, and it totally gives the songs a different polish than their older tracks.