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Friday Morning Metal – OLYMPIC STYLE

I assume I posted this four years ago. Or eight years ago. Either way, Hammerfall is a fun band, and they have a hell of a time curling in this video for Hearts on Fire. Burning with desire.

You know a sport is hardcore when the athletes are sponsored by Acuvue.

The song has great vocals, like you expect with Hammerfall, and killer vocal harmonizing from time to time. I don’t know what Templars have to do with curling, but I bet they hate hammers or something.

Anyway, this song is great and you should listen to it and enjoy the crazy soaring solos, breakdown, bigass drums, and curling!

Friday Morning Metal – Hammerfall – Hammer High

Hooray for epic music videos of Vikings battling Spartans? Hammerfall’s got a new video out in prep for their album’s release on November 4th, and it’s big and bold and full of Hammerfally goodness. The harmonies on the chorus are fantastic, almost like a war chant or something. And the guitar solos are as noodly and power metally as possible. Also I think that’s Mjolnir. Maybe. I can’t back that up.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

Friday Morning Metal – Scelerata – Rising Sun

Got some power metal today, Scelerata, straight from Brazil. The first time I heard Rising Sun, it almost sounded like a collaboration between Hibria and Hammerfall. With some crazy noodly guitars, fantastic singing, and those breakdowns that give you a rest from constant headbanging, Scelerata are a great listen.