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Friday Morning Metal – The End Machine – Silent Winter

Here’s some metal from The End Machine. These guys are Rokken Like Dokken, which makes sense, given most of them were in Dokken at some point.

The End Machine is apparently a super group consisting of players who’ve been in Dokken, Dio, Foreigner, and even Warrant! They got together in 2018 and are already on their second singer, which lines up with a lot of metal bands. And that’s about all I can glean from their Wiki entry.

The song’s a solid rollicking throwback, like it would’ve fit on Headbangers’ Ball in 1994 no sweat. The band is really tight, which makes sense given the bands they played in previously. Also it’s fun seeing an old dude shred on guitar, especially when he’s got a solid mane of grey going on there.

Rocking out in the wilderness is a great theme for a music video. It’s too bad they didn’t get the guitarist up on a mesa for his solo. It’s a tight solo, harkens back to guitarists taking inspiration from classical pieces but I can’t peg exactly which one here.