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Friday Morning Metal – Nakatomi Plaza – Bloodlines

Naming a band after a fictional building is pretty wild. Especially if it’s a fictional building in Die Hard what gets exploded.

Nakatomi Plaza the band hails from Adelaide, Australia, and have this and another single out so far according to Bjørn. They also look like a bunch of uncles playing metal. The uncles who probably have a trans am in the garage they’re working on, next to a fridge full of Natty Lites. Also the bassist/singer’s Lost Boys t-shirt is pretty great.

The song doesn’t waste much time, kicking off with big drums and big chugga guitar riffs. Trying to get a handle on the lyrics, for some reason I get a bit of a Christian Shred Metal vibe to them, but they also rhyme now with now, and also now, so that’s a thing. There’s a mild gap leading into the solo that’s pretty fun, like a zero-g float before kicking back into it. All in all, it’s a pretty fun song, I look forward to more of Nakatomi Plaza’s music.

Having a video red-cast in what looks like a catacomb is pretty rad. I kept waiting for Blade to show up.