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Friday Morning Metal – Kryptos – Electrify

Woo Bangalorian 80s throwback metal! Time to get your fingerless gloves and tease your hair out because it’s time for some shredding!

Kryptos has been around since the late 90s, and their brand of metal is straight to the point. Lotta chuggy, good driving drums, and noodly interludes. Electrify is on an album coming out in July, but it sounds equally like a song from 1985 that was left in a time capsule. Maybe they traveled near the speed of light for like 10 years and were plopped in 1998 fully formed. I bet that’s it. Because time traveling sounds radical.

It’s a performance video which is pretty standard fare, but there’s an intro of cajoling one of the band members out of a bar to go perform. The bar gives off a little 5 Point vibe, and one of the show shots had the big pillars on stage that reminds me of El Coraz√≥n. And while I assume neither of those are where they shot, it’s neat to see.

Friday Morning Metal – Traveler – Heavy Hearts

Hooray for some great throwback metal! Making their way to Friday Morning Metal, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, TRAVELER!

This song has it all, kickass scream to start the song, noodly guitars, a slappy bass solo for a bit, driving drums! The bass solo is pretty great, you don’t hear them in songs very often. It’s not very long but it’s still there after the shreddy dueling guitar solo. When I first heard the song, the vocals weren’t my favorite, but they’re growing on me.

Not a whole hell of a lot to the video, mostly performance clips from a basement and then the singer looking spooky and underlit while singing. It’s a good combo, gets to the point. And at 4 minutes & change the song doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Definitely adding these guys to my metal rotation going forward.