Friday Morning Metal – Girish and the Chronicles – Ride to Hell

WOOOO INDIAN METAL! Girish and the Chronicles got started in 2009, and are straight outta India. Internet claims they’re a hard rock band, but this seems pretty metal to me. They’re playing guitar on a boulder, that’s metal.

Ride to Hell is a rollicking good time, reminds me a bit of GnR or early 80s hair metal. It’s got a catchy riff, and the scream to kick off the song really sets the tone. There’s a killer solo halfway through, quite noodly, quite harmonic. And the guitarist looks non-plussed while soloing on location. Like “No big, I do this wherever.” It’s great. There’s a breakdown after the solo that gives big Riot vibes, too.

The video is a solid combo of live performance footage plus shots that look like a deserty mountain thing. Plus the guitar solo by a boulder. You can sorta tell the drummer’s bored on the location shots, he’s air drumming while everyone else is shredding/singing. The video can’t be beat. Maybe they’ll play the west coast, that’d rule.

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