Friday Morning Metal – Against the Grain – Cheated Death

Ooh crazy ass late 70’s thrash sorta. Against the Grain’s Cheated Death is raw, fast, and ready to be the soundtrack to many a Trans-Am washings. These guys have only been around since 2009 I guess? But they sound like they catapulted straight from 1978, decked out in denim and those jackets with the fringes & stuff on them.

The song has a great sound, it’s pretty stripped down for the instruments, and the solo is technical without being overly noodly. The vocals mesh perfectly with the sound, though with the addition of lyrics to the video, you can see that they’re kinda… basic? Like maybe he needs a rhyming dictionary or something. Within the framework of the song it works, it just kind of caught me early on.

So if you’re ready to dive into, as Angry Metal Guy calls it, “old-man shit,” give Against the Grain a spin. You won’t be disappointed.

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