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Friday Morning Metal – Argus – You are the Curse

Come for campy lyrics, stay for wicked noodly guitar solos! Argus’ You Are the Curse sounds like the 80’s-era metal that is the backing for montages and fight scenes set in gritty New York alleys.

These guys are really tight, the bass isn’t tuned out of the mix, and the drumwork is just interesting enough to keep me paying attention. At 6 and a half minutes long, it feels like it could’ve been trimmed a bit, but you gotta keep both guitar solos. AND THERE’S A BASS SOLO! A bass solo for a solid minute or so. Can’t cut that. And an outro that takes a bit.

Also they rhyme Source with Curse and that just seems like poor planning on their part. Almost the “Gettin rid-a Britta” of modern metal. But the vocals sound solid and fit the band really well, so there’s that.

Anyway, enjoy!