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Friday Morning Metal – Audrey Horne – This is War

I’ve covered a few different Audrey Horne songs over the years; it’s fun hearing throwback metal from time to time, and they do it really well. There’s something great about dueling guitarmonies and vocal harmonizing on choruses that doesn’t happen too often, so it’s fun to hear some new songs featuring it. We can’t listen to Boston all the time. Well. We can. But variety is important in life.

Anyway, Audrey Horne’s got a new album out, Blackout, and This is War is one of the tracks from said album. The song starts with noodly guitar scales, kicks into a bass intro, then drops you into the riff you’ll hear for most of the song. And it’s a killer riff, very Saxon-like.

There’s even a breakdown with a quasi bass solo, which transitions to slow guitar noodling, something you expect to ear out in a wild open expanse. Fits in just as well in a Highwaymen song as it does in this. It then breaks into a killer noodly guitar solo, with dueling soaring riffs and big sounds!

So if you’re feeling like you’re missing on your daily requirement of throwback metal or hard rock, give This is War a spin. It clocks in at about 6 minutes, and doesn’t really have any lulls in it.