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Friday Morning Metal – Scanner – Buy or Die

I did a Friday Morning Metal for Scanner a while back. And Spotify decided I should hear some more. This time a remaster of Buy or Die, which exudes the best of 80’s speed metal. And the video has even more of it!

The vocals have the great combo of crazy falsetto & aggro that keeps a metal band from sounding too operatic. The drums are frenetic and the chugga guitars give way to a super noodly guitar solo.

Oh also, a band yelling CASH OR CREDIT in the middle of a song is just goofy enough to be great.

So go grab your favorite denim vest, blowout your hair, and get ready to rock!

Friday Morning Metal – Scanner – Warp 7

Guitarmony intro? Check. Breakdown before crazy fast drumming? Check. Chuggy guitars in the verse? Check. Lead singer with a good solid set of pipes? Check and check. Scanner hails from 1980’s Germany and brings a speedy power metal flair that is pretty great. Apparently these guys were all in different bands prior, and looking at their Wikipedia page, it looks like everyone else has been in the band since. Hooray for metal bands being a revolving door of shredders.

When I first saw the band name, I thought it was going to be an homage to the Cronenberg film, so songs about heads exploding and stuff. Instead it’s a concept album about a group convicts turned into a commando group in WWII and they go nuts and blow everyone up. I kind of want to see this movie now.

Anyway, here’s Warp 7. It’s pretty rad. Also the whole album is on the Spotify. So go check it out.