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Friday Morning Metal – Rotting Christ – Demonon Vrosis

I am not the biggest fan of Black Metal. Most of the time the vocals are screechy and the guitar is like a wall of 64th notes and the drums are blast for the entirety. But Spotify thought I should give Rotting Christ’s Demonon Vrosis a spin, and it’s pretty legit.

Turns out the band is Greece’s first Black Metal band, going all the way back to 1987. Which is pretty cool.

The song itself sounds a lot like pagan/folk metal, with the backing vocal chants and non-traditional metal instruments used. I dig the drums, they’re driving without being crazy fast, and the guitar work mixes well with the vocals. Which aren’t screechy, they’re kinda yelly. Like Amon Amarth. In case you like that kinda thing.

The guitar solo at the 4-minute mark is noodly and technical without being overly dorky, and breaks into what sounds kind of like a violin-infused coda, something that sounds like a battle march or something.

Anyway, give it a shot!