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Friday Morning Metal – Persuader – Twisted Eyes

I guess this is kinda power thrash or something? Whatever it is, Persuader sounds like Blind Guardian kicked into overdrive, and it’s pretty killer.

Twisted Eyes starts with the “I am god” line from Malice, or Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, then just boots you in the solar plexus with frenetic drumming and the kind of guitar work that should be blasted when charging into battle. The breakdown features what sounds like harpsichord, before driving into a solid guitar solo, full of the noodlies you want in power metal.

The vocals sound an awful lot like the dude from Blind Guardian, which is pretty great, he’s a welcome addition to any power metal. Which makes sense, as I guess a few of the guys from Persuader left to join that band.

Behold the majesty! And a fade out outro!