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Friday Morning Metal – Rebellion – The Clans are Marching

Rebellion is German Power metal, and they bring crazy fast drums, chuggy guitars, and harmonized choruses (chorii?) with aplomb.

The vocals are gritty and fit in really well with the rest of the band, giving it an additional edge. And the guitar solo at the 2 minute mark is full of squeadlies, only to be upstaged by a bagpipe solo. And not one of those cheezy Korn bagpipe interludes, but real useful to the song type bagpipes.

It’s pretty awesome the band name is dropped during the chorus. Rebellion is on my mind when I listen to the song.

I was going to say this is a killer cover of a Grave Digger song, but Rebellion contains a big chunk of Grave Digger, so I guess it’s a remake? Like Four Horseman & Mechanix or something?

Here’s the Grave Digger version, from all the way back in 1996. If you watch the video, you can’t tell it’s from then or 1987, which is pretty killer. It’s a bit less “big” but it’s still fantastic.

Friday Morning Metal – Grave Digger – Hell Funeral


Once you get past the plinky plunky piano intro, you get some balls out metal. As you should. They’re called Grave Digger. The song’s called Hell Funeral. This stuff sounds like it was named by 10 year old me trying to sound brutal. And I am totally okay with that. The vocals are pretty standard for crazy German metal, and the whole band getting in the mix on the chorus just adds to the bombast.

Enjoy! Try not to headbang to it!