Friday Morning Metal – Zornheym – The Opposed

I don’t often post black or death metal, primarily because I don’t like the vocals too much in those styles. But this Zornheym, it’s interesting. There’s a cellist! And apparently a guy in a mental institution?

The song itself is pretty big and bombastic, like a heavy metal opera or something. It is an interesting juxtaposition of operatic harmonies, severe blast beats, and a growly vocalist, but it works well. I’m not sure I’m going to go out of my way to listen to them, but they’d be a great addition to a heavy metal DJ set or something like that.

Friday Morning Metal – Argus – You are the Curse

Come for campy lyrics, stay for wicked noodly guitar solos! Argus’ You Are the Curse sounds like the 80’s-era metal that is the backing for montages and fight scenes set in gritty New York alleys.

These guys are really tight, the bass isn’t tuned out of the mix, and the drumwork is just interesting enough to keep me paying attention. At 6 and a half minutes long, it feels like it could’ve been trimmed a bit, but you gotta keep both guitar solos. AND THERE’S A BASS SOLO! A bass solo for a solid minute or so. Can’t cut that. And an outro that takes a bit.

Also they rhyme Source with Curse and that just seems like poor planning on their part. Almost the “Gettin rid-a Britta” of modern metal. But the vocals sound solid and fit the band really well, so there’s that.

Anyway, enjoy!

Friday Morning Metal – Scanner – Buy or Die

I did a Friday Morning Metal for Scanner a while back. And Spotify decided I should hear some more. This time a remaster of Buy or Die, which exudes the best of 80’s speed metal. And the video has even more of it!

The vocals have the great combo of crazy falsetto & aggro that keeps a metal band from sounding too operatic. The drums are frenetic and the chugga guitars give way to a super noodly guitar solo.

Oh also, a band yelling CASH OR CREDIT in the middle of a song is just goofy enough to be great.

So go grab your favorite denim vest, blowout your hair, and get ready to rock!

Friday Morning Metal – Brendon Small – Galaktikon II

OMG MORE MUSIC FROM BRENDON SMALL! His Galaktikon II came out today, and it sounds like Dwayne from Home Movies joined Dethklok and convinced them to write a proper send up to Starboy & The Captain of Outer Space. I swear, Brendon Small could release an album of him farting on a snare drum, and it’d still be metal as hell.

Right out of the gate, the album sounds like a departure from the first, with vocals a lot more in line with Nathan Explosion than Brendon’s natural voice (Pickles). Some Days Are For Dying incorporates synth with the bombastic metal sound, and altogether it is a kickass space experience. They also want to magnetize the galaxy.

The album features some interesting time/rhythm shifts as well, primarily in The Agenda, definitely not something I remember happening in previous offerings, and a welcome addition. The first time I heard The Agenda, I was doing dishes, and it definitely pulled me out of the zone out that happens with such a heady chore.

Clocking in at 51 minutes, the album doesn’t overstay its welcome, which is nice when compared to some of the 75-80 minute “epics” that have come out in the past few years. It also means the songs are in the 3.5 to 5.5 minute range, a bit longer than BoingBoing‘s claim that a perfect song is 2:42, so there’s that. All in all it’s yet another kickass album from an incredibly talented musician.

And it wouldn’t be a proper Brendon Small Dethlaktikon type album without a song about an ocean.

Anyway, here it is, in its Spotify glory!

Friday Morning Metal – Visigoth – Dungeon Master

If there’s one thing Metal can do, it’s make songs about being a dorkus malorkus sound epic and bombastic. I don’t think I’ve heard much Visigoth over the years, but their brand of power metal is pretty fun and I want to hear more. They’re apparently from Salt Lake City, and they’ve got a really solid sound, with killer squeadly guitar solos, dueling solos, and solid vocal harmonizing.

Also they’re singing about rolling 20-sided dice and fighting both dungeons and dragons.

The breakdown halfway through is an interesting addition, especially when it kicks back into gear. Almost makes it feel like two songs. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday Morning Metal – Odium – The End of Everything

Happy chuggy metal day to you. Apparently there are at least three bands named Odium, so I’m not sure which one this is. But they play a solid thrashy chuggy metal with killer breakdowns, so enjoy that! Also their drummer looks like an uncle. We need more uncles in bands, especially metal.

It’s relatively nondescript, but the song is fast, the vocals are growly and fun, and the band sounds tight. So give it a listen, then try to find them on the internet, because I sure can’t

Friday Morning Metal – Accept – The Rise of Chaos

Man, 80’s metal is the best. Or at least when it’s done well. And Accept does it well. And looking at their Wikipedia entry, they’ve been around since 1968. That’s pretty gnarly. Anyway, they have a new album out, and The Rise of Chaos is one of the singles tied to it.

The song’s great, solid driving rhythm, technical yet not excessively noodly guitars, and a singer who has that great mix of vocal skill and growly angry grit. Were I in a cross-country car chase, I’m playing this right before I stomp the gas to get things kicked off.

Anyway, behold and enjoy!

Friday Morning Metal – Absolva – Rise Again

Yay 80’s throwback metal! The kind of stuff that should be in the soundtrack for copious skate/snowboard/destruction derby video games. Absolva’s Rise Again has what you need for your next barbecue: noodly guitars, gritty vocals, tight rhythm, and somewhat goofy lyrics.

I have not heard of these guys before, but Angry Metal Guy was reviewing their album and dropped references to Maiden, Saxon, and Dokken, so I figured I’d give them a listen. They’re a tight band, and their whole album comes out today, so there ya go! So take Rise Again for a spin and if it hits you right in the nostalgia, go scope them out on the Spotify or pick up the album. It’s catchy as hell!

Friday Morning Metal – Vomitron – Frozen in Fire

Primarily these guys do big bombastic metal covers of NES and SNES songs, but I guess the other day they wanted to test out all their gear and put together this song, Frozen in Fire. They claim it’s a cover, but the only version I can find is a band called Cauldron, who are killer 80’s metal.

Anyway, the song is equal parts noodly, chuggy, and screamy face melty guitar solos, and sounds like the perfect backing track to a new Castlevania or Contra or something. Oh man. Contra. That’d be a fun game to get on the Xbox.

Behold! Vomitron!

Oh and if you want to hear some Cauldron, here it is!