Friday Morning Metal – Dethklok – Aortic Desecration


Ahead of the new movie, Army of the Doomstar, Brendan Small and Dethklok have released a new song, and it shreds just as hard as any other Dethklok song. Even with what I think is a ten year gap they’re still bringing it. So long as those doofuses at Warner don’t nuke it before release, this will be a kickass album to go with another kickass album, and also a kickass movie!

The vocals are a bit different. I’m not sure if that’s just because it’s hard to do the growl, or if it’s been a while and Brendan’s trying something different, but it’s a bit noticeable. But otherwise there’s some awesome shreddy bits, mega drumming, and I think there might be some polymeters. Like in Guts, Punch, Balls, Throw up. Great song there.

Anyway, enjoy some Dethklok. BRÜÜÜÜÜÜTALLLLL.

Friday Morning Metal – Dolly Parton and Halford – Bygones

So Dolly Parton got inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, despite stating she felt she hadn’t earned the right to be inducted. As a result, she’s making a rock album featuring tons of guests like Stevie Nicks, Steve Perry, and Rob Halford.

And today she released Bygones, her song including Rob Halford. It sounds a bit like Halford’s solo work, which is great. Good driving drums, chuggy riffs, lotta back & forth vocals. I could dig a whole album of this.

It’s also notable that a lot of the songs on her upcoming album are covers, but this one is an original.

You can check out the song here if the embed below is still not working.

Friday Morning – Unleash the Archers – Northwest Passage

Wooo a song about Canadian Thanksgiving. Or Martin Frobisher’s valiant yet unsuccessful attempt to navigate the Northwest Passage.

It starts off slow and melodic before kicking you straight in the teeth with double kick and gallop rhythms. The chorus is pretty awesome and will likely be a great live sing along, if it isn’t already.

And like they say in the description, it has a great heading back home type vibe to it, definitely a great addition to “Home Sweet Home” on any road trip mix.


Friday Morning Metal – The Darkness – Barbarian

The Darkness has a song about barbarians being the sons of Ivar the Boneless and it’s pretty fun and metal. The Darkness tends to get associated the glammier side of metal, which tends to be devoid of barbarians and battles & whatnot, but they make it work really well, with a catchy hook, great vocals, and some fun harmonizing during the chorus.

Also did you know that they auction off banana hammocks that they wear during performances? Yeah. That’s a thing I can’t unlearn so you must learn it as well.

Anyway, metal! Woo! Enjoy.

Friday Morning Metal – Little V – Holding Out For a Hero

WE NEED A HERO. A METAL HERO. HE’S GOTTA BE LARGER THAN LIFE. This is a pretty killer cover of a pretty killer Bonnie Tyler song. I may have posted some Little V songs previously, lots of covers of bigass popular songs. And he does a great job amping up the bombast while still staying close to the original material.

Friday Morning Metal – Tyr – Fire and Flame

Well this is a cool ass Tyr song. Those Faroese know how to shred, and Fire and Flame is a great example of it. Heri Joensen’s vocals are a great combo of growly and harmonic, while the guitars alternate between chuggy and noodly.

The guitar solo really soars, with the right amount of noodle while sticking to the major phrases of the song. Oh also in the video you get to see a lot of shirtless Tyr dudes and fire. So that’s a thing that exists.

Anyway, Tyr rules so listen to the song!

Friday Morning Metal – Metallica’s One with One String

I did not know that this song could be done with one string, but someone was able to play One with One string. There are a couple times where he layers, primarily since there’s still a lead & rhythm guitar portion to the song. But it appears to be the same string in both instances.

It’s pretty good. It’s not 100% the same, but it’s also not 16% the same, so this guy can do more with one string than Metallica does with 6. I assume that’s how that works, right?

Anyway, you’ve likely heard the song 14 million times already so I don’t need to go into it, so enjoy!

Friday Morning Metal – Liquid Tension Experiment – Acid Rain

Crazy noodliness! But that makes sense given who’s involved in the song. It’s kind of like instrumental fast Dream Theater for only 6 and a half minutes, instead of 50. Which suits me just fine. I don’t need an epic song broken down into movements.

The drums seem to be a steady flow of doublekick, so it’s a great addition to any workout where you want to go crazy fast then pass out. So enjoy some crazy Imagination Dramaturgy!

Friday Morning Metal – Pretty Maids – Back to Back

I had heard a Hammerfall cover of this song and it was pretty great, enough to Friday Morning Metal it. But Youtube let me know it’s a cover, and the cover’s not too shabby either! Pretty Maids hail from Horsens, Denmark, shredding faces and melting guitars since 1981. The song is pretty fast, and the shreddy guitars are great. There’s even a pretty killer breakdown halfway through, perfect for clapping and whatnot. Then noodly guitar solos! THEN DUAL GUITAR SOLO! EVEN BETTER! They’re still making music, with an album out as recent as 2016. It’s a bit more… uh… power metally now. Less growly vocals. It’s alright, but definitely not like Back to Back. So if you want to shred a bit and feel old school, give this a shot.

Friday Morning Metal – Armored Saint – Can U Deliver

Epic old metal! Armored Saint has been melting faces since 1982, and Can U Deliver brings it. Noodly national anthem-esque intro, into a secondary more chuggy intro, big hair, they’ve got it all!

The guitar solo is the soaring type you’d expect from the 1980’s, maybe not standing on a mesa type solo but still pretty solid. So enjoy!